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Just wanted to thank the team for your recent efforts in helping us out of a tricky situation. Much appreciated. My production manager is already using the new look cartons and we are hopeful they will be successful for us. We will be in touch to reorder next month. Thanks again for your support.

It’s such a pleasure to work with the team at Castle. They are such an organised team, keeping me up to date with their progress and delivery into our production site on a weekly basis, allowing me to use our entire site for production rather than storage.

We gave them a really challenging deadline to come back to us with ideas we could use with a new retail client. They came up with great ideas, samples and pricing within the time frame. The client picked up on two of the ideas and we both gained additional business.

We continue to use Castle because of the technical support they offer my production team. They are happy to advise and consult on new variations of packaging that increases my productivity. I value their opinion.

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